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    Learn from the best Hearthstone players.  Our content creators are all legendary players and experts at multiple classes and decks.

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Covers Plays vs Every Class

Each deck guide in Dugi Hearthstone will include video guides on how to play against each class and their popular decks. That means we include least 9 or more instructional videos for each deck. This will provide you important insight and allow you to think ahead and be more confident with your decisions for each turn.

Professionally Edited Videos

Our professionally edited videos removes the long silence pauses and the uncertainty of the player that you often experience with free videos. Each video is carefully reviewed to make sure that you get the best advice for each turn without any ramblings from the player.

Easy to Follow With Written Text And Narration

Our video has a unique format which include written text on the left hand side and voice narration. When watching videos you can often missed what was said and it can be difficult to understand.  The written text will allow you to keep up and pause the video to read instead of relying on the voice explanation.

Detailed Explanation For Every Turn

From your starting hand mulligan to your final turn, each video will provide a detailed explanation from the side text and we also include card references so you don't have to look up the cards mentioned in the videos.

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Meet the Guide Creators

Sir Finley Sir Finley, Norway

Sir finley is 24, he's been playing hearthstone since open beta and haven't stopped since. He reached legendary status multiple times. His favourite classes are Druid and Warriors.

Lord Jaraxxus Lord Jaraxxus , New Zealand

At 36 Jaraxxus is our oldest guide creator. Because of his passion for control match ups his favourite class is Priest which is also the class that got him legend for the first time. Jaraxxus is also an expert with mid-range Shaman and control Mage classes.

Rexxar Rexxar, Russia

Rexxar is a pro old school player from Russia with Magic the Gathering background. He's one of the most experienced player and have also reached top 100 ranked play. He also play Hearthstone in tournaments in Russia.

Anduin Anduin

Anduin is the youngest in our team and he also our video editor and content writer. His favourite type of decks are Control or OTK (one turn kill) type. He's an expert with Freeze Mage deck which is an advance deck that has been around since Hearthstone have began.

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Frequently Asked Questions

q-iconWhat is the cancellation policy?

q-iconWho creates the guides?

You can cancel your subscription at any time and still continue to use your account with full access for the remainder of the paid period.

Our guide creators are legend ranked players specializing with a number of classes each to provide you the best advice for any situation in the game. Our players have proven themselves to be capable of adapting to new metas and reach legendary rank every season. Some of them have also reach the top 100 legend rank.

q-iconHow often are guides released?

q-iconDo you cover Standard and Wild formats?

It’s our goal to produce and push out new guides everyday! As we grow bigger, we’ll be ramping up the rate even more.

Currently we focus only on covering Standard format. This format is better than the Wild format because most decks are cheaper to create (less expansions required) and it is also more balanced and consistent than Wild.

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