Reno Jackson

Deck Playstyle

Reno Jackson Recipe Deck is a pure control deck built of the list of one-offs to get the advantage of playing [Reno Jackson]. Deck’s strategy is to control the board on the early stages of the game and place huge threats in the late game to finish of your opponent. Deck is equipped with weapons, removal spells and high value minions that help us to execute our plan.


  1. Reach Level 10 to unlock all of the Basic cards for this class.
  2. Complete the League of Explorers expansions.
  3. Have 5580 Dust for crafting cards.

Card Explanations

Minions - 20 +

[Flame Juggler]  × 1

  • Flame Juggler is a valuable 2 drop that allows us to deal with the 1hp opponent’s minion with it’s battle cry ability, also as a 2/3 can offer nice trades in the early game stages

[Jeweled Scarab]  × 1

  • Jeweled Scarab makes our deck more flexible, it’s battlecry ability allows us to chose the card we might need in some specific situation. Also allows you to create a perfect curve as that’s a 2 drop that investigates a 3 drop

[Big Game Hunter] × 1

  • BGH is an effective answer to the minions with attack power 7 and more. That’s always a pleasure to receive a 4/2 minion on the board while killing some [Doctor Boom] or [Molten Giant].

[Earthen Ring Farseer] × 1

  • Farseer is a 3/3 minion for 3 mana that is acceptable and it also represents 3 points of heal that can be applied either to your hero or minion. Sometimes you just need heel to survive, sometimes you may need to heal your minion to make some efficient trades.

[Mind Control Tech] × 1

  • Mind Control Tech helps us a lot vs decks that love to spam creatures. You won’t only receive 2 minions for three mana, you will steal one from your opponent This card is basicly 3 for 1

[Chillwind Yeti] × 1

  • Chillwind Yeti is a 4/5 for 4 mana, It represents a pretty solid body that is hard to deal with on the early stages of the game.

[Elise Starseeker]  × 1

  • It may be not clear from the very start how does Elise Starseeker work. When you cast [Elise Starseeker] it shuffles [Map to the Golden Monkey] in your deck, when you draw the map you play it for two mana and it shuffles [Golden Monkey] to your deck. When you cast [Golden Monkey] it exchanges all the cards in your hand and library for the random Legendary cards. [Elise Starseeker] is some kind of investment in the better future. While having acceptable stats it also allows you to exchange all your low value cards for the powerful legendaries in the late game.

[Spellbreaker] × 1

  • Spellbreaker helps us to solve situations when we meet some minions on the opponent’s board with the annoying abilities. The main usage of it is a “Silence” battlecry,  and since  [Ironbeak Owl] have been changed to 3 mana cost, this is now much better as this deck needs 4 drop to fit in the mana curve.

[Stampeding Kodo] × 1

  • Kodo is another value card, that helps us to get rid of the enemy’s minion while applying pressure on board.

[Justicar Trueheart]  × 1

  • Justicar Trueheart is one of the main cards of the deck. Getting +4 armor every time you press your hero power button is just almost unfair. If you place it vs aggro deck on turn 5 (with a coin) or 6 and survive the turn after - you will probably win the game.

[Reno Jackson]  × 1

  • Reno Jackson… That’s the name of the deck actually…Reno is a game turning card, the biggest punisher of aggro decks. Due to the way this deck is built it always restores your HP to 30 when you cast it. It’s amazing.

[Sunwalker] × 1

  • Sunwalker was designed to stop any kind of aggression from the opponent’s side. It’s 4 body with taunt and divine shield that is not that easy to beat, still it’s fragile to silence.

[North Sea Kraken]  × 1

  • Kraken is FAT. While having a huge stats it also deals 4 damage on a cast. Used to finish games while also clearing it’s way with a help of his battlecry ability.

[Armorsmith] × 1

  • Every control deck wants to have Armorsmith in it, sadly (until you are playing Warrior only)  it’s restricted to the Warrior class only. It’s the great card that gives us a huge survivability. The worst case scenario would probably be the [Armorsmith] stolen by [Cabal Shadow Priest]

[Cruel Taskmaster] × 1

  • Cruel taskmaster is a great two drop, which can be used either to stop an opponent’s early aggression or to buff your creatures. Synergies pretty well with [Armorsmith], [Frothing Berserker] , [Acolyte of Pain], [Grommash Hellscream]

[Fierce Monkey]  × 1

  • Fierce Monkey is a great defensive card. 3/4 taunt minion for three mana sounds sweet.

[Frothing Berserker] × 1

  • Frothing Berserker is an extremely aggressive card. It needs an answer immediately as in combination with [Whirlwind] and [Cruel Taskmaster] it can grow big fast as hell, in this case attack would be the best defense. As you opponent won’t be able to simply ignore [Frothing Berserker]

[Kor'kron Elite] × 1

  • 4/3 charge minion for 4 mana is fairly aggressive and can deal with some opponents threats on the instant speed.

[Obsidian Destroyer]  × 1

  • Obsidian destroyer is a great class card with a common rarity. It helps you to protect yourself while representing a huge threat on the board. Be careful with opponent’s [Big Game Hunter] that can hunt it easily.

[Grommash Hellscream] × 1

  • Grommash is a very solid finisher. One of the most powerful legendary cards. Mostly used to set up lethal attack while being buffed by  [Whirlwind], [Slam] or [Cruel Taskmaster].
Spells - 8 +

[Execute] × 1

  • Execute is one of the most efficient, low cost (it costs 1 mana only) removal spells in hearthstone. While on it’s own it may look awkward, but in combination with [Whirlwind], [Cruel Taskmaster] or any other methods to deal at least one damage to the minion we want to kill, Execute helps us to set up strong tempo plays or simply to get rid of annoying threats.

[Shield Slam] × 1

  • Shield Slam is an efficient way to get rid of threats by using the amount of your armor. It costs 1 mana only. [Shield Block] + [Shield Slam] is a classy combo.

[Whirlwind] × 1

  • Whirlwind can be used to buff [Grommash Hellscream] and [Frothing Berserker] greatly or to get huge armor buff while having [Armorsmith] on the board. In addition it can be also used to clear the opponent’s board filled with 1 HP minions.

[Cleave] × 1

  • Cleave. 2 mana. 2 targets. 2 damage. Sounds ok. It helps us to stop early aggression pretty well.

[Slam] × 1

  • Slam is a cheap and efficient way to deal with early threats which allows us to draw a card while dealing damage to bigger minions, also can be used to activate our minions such as [Grommash Hellscream] or [Frothing Berserker]

[Bash]  × 1

  • Bash is a sweet defensive spell that buffs our armor while getting rid of some enemy’s minions. Bash can also target the opponent’s face, still that’s gonna be a really rare option.

[Shield Block] × 1

  • Shield Block is our way to survive more while also drawing a card, it comboes well with [Shield Slam] that allows us to get rid of big threats in an efficient way.

[Brawl] × 1

  • Brawl is a great, game changing mass removal spell. Since you probably won’t have more then 1-2 minions on the board during the game it help you to punish your opponent for spamming his minions
Weapons - 2 +

[Fiery War Axe] × 1

  • Fiery War Axe is simple, powerful and efficient, it can help you to get rid of the opponent’s threats while generating board advantage, also can be used to set up lethal in the endgame.

[Gorehowl] × 1

  • Gorehowl is powerful, i would describe it as a long lasting minion kill machine(until you decide to make a final blow to your opponent’s face). As this deck gives us a lot of options to keep our HP and Armor up during the game [Gorehowl] is definitely a good pickup.

Card Replacements

  • [Gorehowl] - depending on meta you may replace it with [Ironbeak Owl] vs aggro or [Arcanite Reaper] vs midrange and control
  • [Elise Starseeker]  - you may replace it with [Sen'jin Shieldmasta]
  • [Stampeding Kodo] - you may replace it with [Azure Drake]
  • [Grommash Hellscream] - there is no replacement for this card
  • [Big Game Hunter] - there is no replacement for this card
  • [Justicar Trueheart] - there is no replacement for this card
  • [Reno Jackson]  - there is no replacement for this card
  • [Brawl] - there is no replacement for this card
  • [North Sea Kraken]  - that’s recommended to replace it with some more valuable legendary card eg [Baron Geddon]

Tech Decisions

vs Aggro

  • -1 [Gorehowl] +1 [Ironbeak Owl]
  • -1 [Big Game Hunter] +1 [Revenge]
  • -1 [North Sea Kraken] +1 [Baron Geddon]

vs Mid-range

  • -1 [Cleave] +1 [Sylvanas Windrunner]
  • -1 [Stampeding Kodo] +1 [Arcanite Reaper]

vs Control

  • -1 [Mind Control Tech] +1 [Sylvanas Windrunner]
  • -1 [Whirlwind] +1 [The Black Knight]
  • -1 [Cleave] +1 [Alexstrasza]

Mulligan Guide

RATING: [rating-system-posts]

Difficulty: Hard
Crafting Cost: 5580 icon-dust
20 Minions - 8 Spells
2 Weapons

Warrior Cards (17)
Execute × 1
Shield Slam × 1
Whirlwind × 1
Fiery War Axe × 1
Cleave × 1
Slam × 1
Armorsmith × 1
Cruel Taskmaster × 1
Bash × 1
Shield Block × 1
Fierce Monkey × 1
Frothing Berserker × 1
Kor'kron Elite × 1
Brawl × 1
Gorehowl × 1
Obsidian Destroyer × 1
Grommash Hellscream × 1

Neutral Cards (13)
Flame Juggler × 1
Jeweled Scarab × 1
Big Game Hunter × 1
Earthen Ring Farseer × 1
Mind Control Tech × 1
Chillwind Yeti × 1
Elise Starseeker × 1
Spellbreaker × 1
Stampeding Kodo × 1
Justicar Trueheart × 1
Reno Jackson × 1
Sunwalker × 1
North Sea Kraken × 1

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