Deck Playstyle

The Dragonflight Priest Deck is an intermediate to advanced deck for everyone who would love to be more competitive and achieve great results in Hearthstone. This deck uses the synergies of the light like boosting minions health, drawing cards, gaining control of enemy minions with the power of the dragonflight. It’s a deck that has a lot of minions with great potential so make sure to get the best out of them.

The Dragonflight synergies come from the dragons you hold in your hand and you have plenty of them. You get anything from health boost, spell damage, single target damage, clear boards, steal enemy spells and gaining dream cards. But the best thing you can get out of this deck are the taunt synergies.

The basic strategy of barricading yourself till the big minions such as [Nefarian], [Ysera] enter play proves to be more effective then it looks. The deck has a good early game, dealing with aggro decks easily. On the other hand it has a strong mid game and a great late game. This gives the deck a huge advantage when advancing trough the ladder.

If you have the available resources then it’s definitely worth trying it.

In the next steps we will try to better explain the approach on the deck gameplay and the basic strategy, what to mulligan and how to synergy cards for greater effect.


  1. Reach Level 10 to unlock all of the Basic cards for this class.
  2. Complete the Blackrock Mountain expansions.
  3. Have 5260 Dust for crafting cards.

Card Explanations

Minions - 23 +

[Northshire Cleric] × 2

  • The purpose of this card is to synergy your healing with damaged minions to draw cards. Use it most of the time when you have a damaged minion on the board, or simply play it and buff it with [Power Word: Shield]. Avoid playing it by itself on turn 1 or turn 2 unless casting [Power Word: Shield] on it. Your opponents know its potential and will do anything to stop you from drawing more cards.

[Twilight Whelp] x 2

  • It’s a great card that gives you early presence on the board. Its something similar to [Zombie Chow] but since you have a lot of dragons in your hand, it’s a 100 % sure deal that you get a 2/3 minion for 1 mana with no downside. Using a [Power Word: Shield] on him or shielding him with [Wyrmrest Agent] is a great early game strategy.

[Wyrmrest Agent] × 2

  • Another card that uses the synergies of the dragons. Great card of 2/4 and a taunt that stops early game aggro minions. The 2 attack easily removes from the game a waste range of enemy minions, and the 4 health makes him endure the fights because most of the early game minions are with 1, 2 or 3 attack. This gives you the time to bring the bigger minions on the board and turn the odds in your favour.

[Blackwing Technician] x 2

  • Its probably one of the best early/mid game cards. Buffing a card from 2/4 to 3/5 for 3 mana is the best play you can have. It’s a strong minion and it’s very hard to deal with it in early game. This puts you in a strong position with a big impact on the board. Keep in mind not to mulligan this card.[line_break]
    Having this kind of card on the board builds a lot of pressure in your opponent’s play and that’s a good thing for you.

[Harvest Golem] × 2

  • This minion is another good minion to have on the board on turn 3. It’s not powered as [Blackwing Technician] with attack and health, but the deathrathle ability gives him the chance to leave a presence on the board even if it gets countered.

[Sen'jin Shieldmasta]× 2

  • Another good minion with taunt. 4 mana cost for a 3/5 minion with taunt is pretty good deal. It can survive some attacks giving you time to play bigger minions and gain advantage over the board. Great vs early game minions and some mid game. That’s why is good to play it early in the game.

[Twilight Drake] × 1

  • Another dragon minion that can play a good roll on the board. It’s a classical midgame minion that takes advantage of the card number in your hand to gain more health. But this is not an awesome card so don’t relay to much on it. [Earthshock],[Ironbeak Owl] and any other card with silence ability can make this card useless and easy to deal with.[line_break]
    Don’t buff this minion with [Power Word: Shield]. It has enough health and that way you won’t get pissed when the drake gets silenced.

[Twilight Guardian] × 2

  • Now this is a card that makes a big difference in your deck. If you hold a dragon in your hand, this minion turns in to 3/6 with taunt. The 6 health makes it very durable and hard to counter. Only spells such as [Fireball], [Shadow Word Pain] and few more can destroy it. Other then than that, it’s a hard thing to deal with.

[Azure Drake] × 2

  • This is real classic. A card that doesn’t need an introduction and can be seen played in a large array of decks. +1 spell damage, drawing a card and 4/4 minion on the board. ROCK SOLID. Play it whenever you have the chance to. Avoid playing it when you know for sure that it won’t survive the next turn, or can be easily countered by weapons, spells and minions on the board. The cool thing about this card is it can survive the turn tnx to the taunt minions in the deck. They give you the chance to defend your [Azure Drake] and use the +1 spell power with [Holy Nova] or [Holy Fire].

[Blackwing Corruptor] × 2

  • This is another great card in your deck. A 5/4 solid mid game minion and with the help of dragons in your hand it deals 3 damage to a single target when entering the battlefield. The good part about the battlecry ability is that it can target both minions and heroes. That is a big advantage. All do most of the time, you will use it to get rid of an enemy minion, there are times when you will hit the enemy hero in the face.

[Cabal Shadow Priest] × 1

  • This card is all about gaining control of minions with 2 or less attack. It’s a solid 4/5 midgame minion and very useful when it comes to dealing with small minions. The best use of it is gaining control over key enemy minions such as :
    • Warrior – [Armorsmith],[Warsong Commander],[ Frothing Berserker]
    • Druid – [Darnassus Aspirant], [Keeper Of The Grove], [Grove Tender]
    • Hunter – [Leokk],[Webspinner], [Steamwheedle Sniper],[Desert Camel], [Tundra Rhino]
    • Mage – [Flamewaker] is the best minion you can steal from a mage and its worth it. Others are [Snowchugger],[Mana Wyrm]
    • Paladin – [Shielded Minibot],[Argent Protector], [Warhorse Trainer],[Quartermaster]
    • Rogue – [Buccaneer], [Pit Snake], [Cutpurse],[ Defias Ringleader], [Iron Sensei]
    • Shaman – [Tunnel Trogg],[Flametongue Totem],[Mana Tide Totem],[Unbound Elemental], [Rumbling Elemental]
    • Warlock – [Voidwalker],[Mistress of Pain]
    • Warrior – [Armorsmith],[Warsong Commander],[ Frothing Berserker]
    • And Neutral Minions such as: [Bloodmage Thalnos],[Haunted Creeper],[Loot Hoarder], [Acolyte of Pain]. There are many more but this is a list of the most important that can cripple your opponent

The idea is to stop your opponent from gaining advantage over you. And the list of all this cards above is something you need to target in order to cripple your opponent and win the game.

[Chillmaw] × 1

  • This is a powerful late game minion with the ability to deal 3 damage to all minions after it’s killed. The 6 attack and 6 health makes it a good board presence and the taunt just makes it even more valuable. However you need to make sure to have a dragon in your hand. The deathratle ability wont trigger without a dragon so be careful how and when you play it.

[Nefarian] × 1

  • This minion on the other hand is a bit more aggressive. It’s very strong and great for late games. To addition of his strength, stealing 2 spells from your opponents class makes it a good way to deal with your enemy. It’s not a card that you want to have in your starting hand but it is welcome in the long run.

[Ysera] x 1

  • This dragon is the most important in your deck. 4 Attack and 12 Health. The attack is not that great, but the health is beyond great. The whole idea of this card is to make it endure another turn. Then as a reward you get the best of it: a DREAM CARD. A dream card is a random card out of this 5 cards: [Dream], [Nightmare], [Ysera Awakens], [Laughing Sister], [Emerald Drake]. Every card has its own advantages but all of them are overpowered. The more cards you draw the bigger the advantage. That’s why it’s very important to protect [Ysera] at any cost.
Spells - 7 +

[Power Word: Shield] × 2

  • Classical priest card. Good to make your minions endure any threats and drawing a card. It helps your [Northshire Cleric] to survive some weapons, spells as 3 attack minions. It’s a very good thing to add to your [Sen'jin Shieldmasta] or [Azure Drake]. The only reason why its good to play [Power Word: Shield] on [Sen'jin Shieldmasta] or [Azure Drake] is their weak health.

    They are the weakest midgame minions in the deck when compared for health .All other minions have 5,6 and above. [Sen'jin Shieldmasta] has 5 health also but the role as a taunt minion makes him open to a lot of attacks. Giving him 2 more health can mean a lot and sometimes a game changer.

[Shadow Word: Death] × 2

  • This is a pure minion removal spell. It simply intended to deal with any minion with +5 Attack and up. But don’t use it on minions that you can deal with. Try to save it for Late Game minions with devastating abilities.

[Holy Nova] × 2

  • This is a great thing to have. It clears the board and heals you and your minions.
    The [Azure Drake] is the only minion that synergies with [Holy Nova] so keep in mind to use them together.

[Holy Fire] × 1

  • This is one great priest card that can help you in a lot of situations. It’s very powerful because it deals 5 damage and at the same time heal 5 damage from your hero. You can’t get better then that. It’s great vs a range of midgame minions. The down side of it, it’s the cost of the spell. I mean there is not doubt about the positive effects of the card, but its 6 mana cost make it a bit hard to play. Specially when you want to play another minion on the same turn.

Card Replacements

  • [Ysera] and [Nefarian] are not cards you can replace. They are the heart of the late game. They provide a big pool of new cards that are a game changer. There for can’t be replaced in any way.
  • [Chillmaw] can be replaced with taunt minions such as [Sunwalker] or [Sludge Belcher].
  • [Twilight Drake] is something you can replace with [Elise Starseeker]. Since this is a minions based deck, it can be a good addition to this deck.

Tech Decisions

vs Aggro

  • -1 [Twilight Drake] +1 [Excavated Evil]

vs Mid-Range

  • -1 [Twilight Drake] +1 [Shadow Madness]

vs Control

  • -2 [Harvest Golem] +1 [Thoughtsteal] +1 [Entomb]

Mulligan Guide

vs Aggro

The best cards to have vs aggro decks are [Northshire Cleric], [Twilight Whelp], [Wyrmrest Agent] and some drake such as [Twilight Drake] or [Twilight Guardian]. Use [Twilight Whelp] on turn 1 and then [Wyrmrest Agent]. Avoid playing [Northshire Cleric] on turn 1 because its an easy target to remove and your opponent will try to stop you drawing cards at any cost. Druid’s [Wrath], Warlocks [Darkbomb], Mage [Frostbolt], Warrior’s [Fiery War Axe] are card that can be played on turn 2 just to remove your [Northshire Cleric]. Try to play [Northshire Cleric] when you have a damaged minion to heal and a Taunt minion to get shielded from direct hits.

After turn 3 [Blackwing Technician] is the best play you have if there is a dragon in your hand.

The whole idea is to stop aggro decks get momentum. Once you do that they are useless. This deck is very good vs aggro decks and since aggro decks are very popular you will easily progress on the ladder.

vs Mid-range

This deck has many minions and most of them are great mid game minions. This means that you have a pretty good edge vs midrange games. [Twilight Drake] or a [Twilight Guardian] is a standard game play. [Azure Drake] is a good presence on the board but try to use it with [Holy Nova] for a better board removal. [Blackwing Corruptor] is a card to make pressure on your opponent. Dealing 3 damage to a single target or the enemy hero and have a 5/4 minion on the board is an overpowered card when it comes to mid game minions.

Try to play the [Twilight Drake] and [Twilight Guardian] as soon as possible. [Azure Drake] can be played if a taunt minion is already on the board and if you desperately need a card draw. Otherwise it’s best to play it a late game on turn 10 together with [Holy Nova]. Use [Blackwing Corruptor] to nuke enemy minions. Try to use his ability wisely. If you have a taunt minion its not a bad idea to have it on the board.

vs Control

If you are dealing against very powerful late game minions, these are some of the options you have in order to deal with them:
[Shadow Word: Death] is the only spell you can use in a late game. If an enemy minion has more then 7 attack and or above 5 health don’t hesitate to use it. NUKE FIRST then ASK QUESTIONS.

The late game offers you 3 legendary minions to play with.
[Chillmaw] is a minions that offers protection so its not wise to play it if you have a good amount of midrange minions with or no taunt on the board. If you have a board control then its not wise to play [Chillmaw] just because you have the mana for.
[Nefarian] is the perfect choice if you are controlling the situation. If you have minions with taunt and you are confident that you won’t get wrecked, play it with no hesitation. You will have a powerful minion on the board that will pressure your opponent and 2 awesome spells from the enemy class ready to be used in your favour. The better word for a [Thoughtsteal] and a 8/8 minion all in one is a “Great Deal”.
[Ysera] is from my point of view the best weapon you have. Gaining dream cards every turn is the perfect late game. Since this is a good deck with a lot of early and midgame minions, all you need is some good late game minions and spells. And who fits better in the page then [Ysera].

  • [Dream] is a card that is great against legendary minions such as [Tirion Fordring], [Mal'Ganis], [Maligos] and many more. The advantage of this cards is the 0 mana cost. Imagine how big is the loss of 8 or 9 or 10 mana minion returned to its owner hand. It’s the equivalent of a lost turn and that is very important because a lost turn in a late game often means a lost game.Its great vs taunt minions that defend your opponent. That way your opponent is open to direct hits.
  • [Nightmare] is a great card to buff a minion for 5/5. Great way to go for the face or destroy a minion.
  • [Ysera Awakens] is my favourite dream card. It can deal damage to your hero but it’s a great spell to clear the whole board and make damage to the opposing hero.
  • [Laughing Sister] is probably the worst dream card. Its immune to spells but the 3/5 minions is no match for late gameplay.
  • [Emerald Drake] is a great overpowered minion of 7/6 that you get for 4 mana. The card is a dragon, so it can trigger the dragon synergies for other minions in your hand. Even if you played all of your dragons, [Ysera] can still grant you some more.
RATING: [rating-system-posts]

Difficulty: Hard
Crafting Cost:
5080 icon-dust
23 Minions - 7 Spells

Priest Cards (14)
Power Word: Shield × 2
Northshire Cleric × 2
Twilight Whelp × 2
Wyrmrest Agent × 2
Shadow Word: Death × 2
Holy Nova × 2
Holy Fire × 1
Cabal Shadow Priest × 1

Neutral Cards (16)
Blackwing Technician × 2
Harvest Golem × 2
Sen'jin Shieldmasta × 2
Twilight Drake × 1
Twilight Guardian × 2
Azure Drake × 2
Blackwing Corruptor × 2
Chillmaw × 1
Nefarian × 1
Ysera × 1

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