The Thrill of the Hunt

Deck Playstyle

The Thrill of the Hunt recipe deck is basically a Face Hunter deck. The main idea of the deck is to finish your opponent before he can stabilize the board and take control of the game. Deck is equipped with damage dealing spells, hasty and aggressive creatures with low mana cost, that help you to accomplish your plan.


  1. Reach Level 10 to unlock all of the Basic cards for this class.
  2. Complete The Blackrock Mountain 1st wing.
  3. Complete The League of Explorers 4th wing.
  4. Have 1080 Dust for crafting cards.

Card Explanations

Minions - 18 +

[Abusive Sergeant] × 2

  • Abusive Sergeant is a great 1 drop that helps you to increase the damage dealt to the opponent’s face which can also help you to trade your minions efficiently. Can be landed on the turn 1 to put some pressure on your opponent, still fits better for the following turns to buff your existing minions

[Leper Gnome] × 2

  • Leper Gnome is one of the best  aggressive 1drops in the game. 2-1 for 1 with it’s deathrattle ability represents at least 2 damage to the opponent’s face, usually 4 or more. It helps you to build up an aggressive curve and finish the game before the opponent can do anything.
    Worst case scenario is having [Leper Gnome] being killed by Shaman’s [Earth Shock]

[Worgen Infiltrator] × 2

  • Worgen Infiltrator is another 1 drop that helps you to establish your aggro plan. With the steal ability it’s hard to kill, represents at least 2 damage. Perfect 1 drop, always a keep, good target for following up [Abusive Sergeant]

[Huge Toad]  × 2

  • Huge Toad finds it’s place in the deck due to it’s aggressive body and deathrattle ability. Even after being killed it still deals 1 damage to a random enemy.

[Knife Juggler] × 2

  • Knife Juggler is one of the best 2drops in Hearthstone. In this deck you may combo it pretty well with the [Unleash the Hounds] or [Desert Camel].

[Lance Carrier]  × 2

  • Lance Carrier is pretty much [Abusive Sergeant]’s  brother, costs 1 mana more, but it’s buff doesn’t disappear at the end of the turn.

[Wolfrider] × 2

  • Wolfrider… 3-1 charge for 3, fragile, still being unanswered represents absurd amount of damage. Combos good with [Lance Carrier] and  [Abusive Sergeant]

[Desert Camel]  × 2

  • As our deck is running (6) 1 drops you will probably always be able to get something tasty from [Desert Camel]’s enter the battlefield effect. Getting [Abusive Sergeant] brings less value than getting others, still even Sergeant represents the treat on board. Use [Desert Camel] carefully vs deck running [Injured Kvaldir], [Northshire Cleric], [Zombie Chow] and [Secretkeeper].

[Savannah Highmane] × 2

  • Savannah Highmane is one of the most powerful 6 drops in the game. Great body, hard to deal with, great deathrattle. It plays the role of the solid finisher in this deck.
Spells - 11 +

[Explosive Trap] × 2

  • Explosive Trap represents 2 damage to the opponent’s face while helping you to clear the opponent’s board, gives your [Eaglehorn Bow] extra durability on resolve

[Quick Shot]  × 2

  • Quick Shot, 3 damage for 2 mana. In the aggro deck shell it’s mostly used in the endgame, to deal damage to your opponent, while drawing an extra card. Also can be used to get rid of opponent’s annoying minions

[Animal Companion] × 2

  • A really powerful spell that summons the random, but powerful beast.
    You may get one of 3 beasts listed below :[Misha], [Huffer] or [Leokk]
    The drawback of this card is that you do not know what beast exactly you will summon. You may be pretty upset when summoning 2-4 [Leokk] while you need a 4-4 [Misha] taunt, or when you summon [Misha] in a situation when 4-2 hasty [Huffer] is needed to finish your opponent.

[Kill Command] × 2

  • While controlling a beast, kill command allows you to deal 5 damage to any opponent’s character, which is huge. In the aggro deck it’s reasonable to keep [Kill Command] for setting up the lethal.

[Unleash the Hounds] × 2

  • Insanely powerful in aggro and midrange matchups, works well with [Knife Juggler], still that’s not the card you want to keep in control matchups.
Weapon - 1 +

[Eaglehorn Bow] × 2

  • Eaglehorn Bow represents solid amount of damage by itself, it looks even better after being buffed by the [Explosive Trap]

Card Replacements

This is one of the cheapest recipe decks, still you need to complete some expansion floors to get cards from there. Find the list of non-expansion replacements below:

  • [Desert Camel] vs [Arcane Golem], [Argent Horserider]
  • [Huge Toad] vs [Loot Hoarder], [Acidic Swamp Ooze], [Dire Wolf Alpha],[Ironbeak Owl]
  • [Quick Shot] is probably irreplaceable, still you can try [Bluegill Warrior]

Tech Decisions

vs Aggro

  • -2 [Lance Carrier]  +2 [Flame Juggler]

vs Midrange

  • -2 [Explosive Trap]  +2 [Freezing Trap]

vs Control

  • -2 [Explosive Trap] +2 [Hunter’s Mark]
  • -2 [Unleash the Hound] +2 [Arcane Golem]

vs Deck where 1 drops are better than yours

  • -2 [Desert Camel] +2 [Arcane Golem]

Mulligan Guide


  • [Abusive Sergeant], [Leper Gnome], [Worgen Infiltrator], [Huge Toad], [Knife Juggler], [Animal Companion], [Desert Camel]


  • [Abusive Sergeant], [Leper Gnome], [Worgen Infiltrator], [Huge Toad], [Knife Juggler]


  • [Abusive Sergeant], [Leper Gnome], [Worgen Infiltrator], [Huge Toad], [Knife Juggler], [Eaglehorn Bow], [Quick Shot]


  • [Abusive Sergeant], [Leper Gnome], [Worgen Infiltrator], [Huge Toad], [Knife Juggler], [Unleash the Hounds]


  • [Leper Gnome], [Worgen Infiltrator], [Huge Toad], [Knife Juggler], [Eaglehorn Bow], [Animal Companion]


  • [Abusive Sergeant], [Leper Gnome], [Worgen Infiltrator], [Huge Toad], [Knife Juggler], [Eaglehorn Bow], [Animal Companion]


  • [Leper Gnome], [Worgen Infiltrator], [Huge Toad], [Knife Juggler], [Eaglehorn Bow], [Animal Companion], [Unleash the Hounds]


  • [Abusive Sergeant], [Leper Gnome], [Worgen Infiltrator], [Huge Toad], [Knife Juggler], [Quick Shot], [Animal Companion]


  • [Leper Gnome], [Worgen Infiltrator], [Huge Toad], [Knife Juggler], [Eaglehorn Bow], [Animal Companion], [Wolfrider]
RATING: [rating-system-posts]

Difficulty: Easy
Crafting Cost:
1080 icon-dust
18 Minions - 11 Spells
1 Weapon

Hunter Cards (16)
Explosive Trap × 2
Quick Shot × 2
Eaglehorn Bow × 2
Animal Companion × 2
Kill Command × 2
Unleash the Hounds × 2
Desert Camel × 2
Savannah Highmane × 2

Neutral Cards (14)
Abusive Sergeant × 2
Leper Gnome × 2
Worgen Infiltrator × 2
Huge Toad × 2
Knife Juggler × 2
Lance Carrier × 2
Wolfrider × 2

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