Classic Warrior

Deck Playstyle

Classic Warrior Recipe Deck’s is a low cost deck that have lots of synergy with enrage ability. The deck is all about getting your creatures damaged to receive buff and deal even more damage. Use your minions with enrage ability and the pack of enrage activators such as [Inner Rage],  [Whirlwind] and [Cruel Taskmaster] to dominate your opponents.


  1. Reach Level 10 to unlock all of the Basic cards for this class.
  2. Have 2240 Dust for crafting cards.

Card Explanations

Minions - 17 +

[Cruel Taskmaster] × 2

  • Cruel taskmaster is a great two drop, which can be used either to stop an opponent’s early aggression or to buff your creatures. Synergies pretty well with [Amani Berserker], [Frothing Berserker] , [Acolyte of Pain], [Raging Worgen], [Grommash Hellscream]

[Frothing Berserker] × 2

  • Frothing Berserker is one of the key cards of the deck. It needs an answer immediately as in combination with [Inner Rage], [Whirlwind] and [Cruel Taskmaster] it can grow big extremely fast.

[Kor'kron Elite] × 2

  • 4/3 charge minion for 4 mana sounds pretty fair. Good stats for good price. Can be used variously.

[Grommash Hellscream] × 1

  • Grommash is probably the best warrior’s Legendary card. It simply ends the game. Try to use it with the deck’s activators : [Inner Rage],  [Whirlwind] and [Cruel Taskmaster]

[Amani Berserker] × 2

  • Once again, this deck is all about our minions getting angry. 2 for 2 mana with +3 attack option sounds sweet.

[Acolyte of Pain] × 2

  • Acolyte of Pain seems to enjoy being punched and kicked, no enrage here, it just shares some goods with us. It’s one of the deck’s draw engine. Fits nice in the deck as there many options to draw more than one card from this pain lover.

[Raging Worgen] × 2

  • Raging Worgen is the [Amani Berserker]’s older brother, can generate huge amount of damage while enraged.

[Shattered Sun Cleric] × 1

  • You can face situations when that’s really hard to activate your minion’s ‘enrage’ because the opponent’s minion have the attack that equals your minion’s health. Shattered Sun Cleric can help you to solve those and create some positive trades.

[Gnomish Inventor] × 1

  • Gnomish inventor is mostly used as a draw engine that also represents a 2 body leftover that can trade nicely with some minor threats.

[Gurubashi Berserker] × 2

  • I’m not sure who іs the biggest pain lover in this deck, but Gurubashi is one of the main contenders. Nurture it as strict parents and you will receive huge benefits.
Spells - 9 +

[Inner Rage] × 2

  • Inner Rage is an excellent enrage activator that costs 0 mana. Also can be used to stop some early aggression, but that’s not the main usage of the card.

[Execute] × 2

  • Execute is one of the most efficient, low cost (it costs 1 mana only) removal spells in hearthstone. While on it’s own it may look awkward, but in combination with [Whirlwind], [Inner Rage], [Cruel Taskmaster] or any other methods to deal at least one damage to the minion we want to kill, Execute helps us to set up strong tempo plays or simply to get rid of annoying threats.

[Whirlwind] × 2

  • Whirlwind synergies nice with all our ‘enrage’ minions, [Acolyte of Pain] and [Gurubashi Berserker]. In addition it can be also used to clear the opponent’s board filled with 1 HP minions.

[Battle Rage] × 1

  • Battle Rage іs a draw engine of the deck. As all of our minions want to be damaged - this card can generate tons of card advantage.

[Shield Block] × 2

  • Shield Block is a great card that fits perfectly in control deck shell, it comboes quite nice with a [Shield Slam] and allows us to survive till we stabilize the board and land huge finishers.  I’m not sure why it’s in the current list, that’s the first candidate for the replacement.
Weapons - 4 +

[Fiery War Axe] × 2

  • Fiery War Axe is simple, powerful and efficient, it can help you to get rid of the opponent’s threats while generating board advantage, also can be used to set up lethal in the endgame.

[Arcanite Reaper] × 2

  • Unlike the [Fiery War Axe] Arcanite Reaper is mostly used to finish the game or deal with bigger threats.  It represents 10 dmg for 5 mana and that’s huge.

Card Replacements

  • [Shield Block] - this card doesn’t really fit in the deck strategy. I would recommend to replace it with one of the following : [Mad Bomber], [Rampage], [Commanding Shout], [Defender of Argus] or [Slam]
  • [Grommash Hellscream] - the most expensive card (1600 dust), still it’s very powerful. I don't recommend replacing it, still if you are looking for some cheap replacement then I would suggest [Spiteful Smith] or [Defender of Argus]

Tech Decisions

vs Aggro

  • -2 [Kor'kron Elite] +2 [Defender of Argus]
  • -2 [Execute] +2 [Mad Bomber] or [Slam]

vs Midrange

  • -2 [Shield Block] +2 [Defender of Argus]

vs Control

  • -2 [Whirlwind] +2 [Mad Bomber]
  • -2 [Shield Block] +2 [Defender of Argus]

Mulligan Guide

RATING: [rating-system-posts]

Difficulty: Easy
Crafting Cost:
2240 icon-dust
17 Minions - 9 Spells
4 Weapons

Warrior Cards (20)
Inner Rage × 2
Execute × 2
Whirlwind × 2
Fiery War Axe × 2
Battle Rage × 1
Cruel Taskmaster × 2
Shield Block × 2
Frothing Berserker × 2
Kor'kron Elite × 2
Arcanite Reaper × 2
Grommash Hellscream × 1

Neutral Cards (10)
Amani Berserker × 2
Acolyte of Pain × 2
Raging Worgen × 2
Shattered Sun Cleric × 1
Gnomish Inventor × 1
Gurubashi Berserker × 2

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