Demon Horde

Deck Playstyle

First of all, recipes for decks offered without Naxx or GvG cards, and I’m staying true to that concept. However, I made some changes to original recipe decklist to make the deck even better. As a typical Zoo deck this one is all about board control. If you can secure enough board presence to trade efficiently on any given turn, then any match up is easy to win. To do that you have to be constantly aware of anything that can destroy your board. Choose safer play over extra damage, but don’t forget to look for lethal first on later turns.


  1. Reach Level 10 to unlock all of the Basic cards for this class.
  2. Complete two wings of Blackrock Mountain Adventure required for [Imp Gang Boss]
  3. Complete two wings of League of explorers needed for [Brann Bronzebeard], [Dark Peddler] and [Reliquary Seeker]
  4. Have 3450 Dust for crafting cards.

Card Explanations

Minions - 30 +

[Flame Imp] × 2

  • This card allows to apply early pressure and sometimes to bait removals from slower decks. Drawback from its battlecry makes it much less useful against aggressive decks, but there are plenty 1 mana drops to go with instead.

[Reliquary Seeker] × 2

  • Sometimes useful if you can fill the board with creatures. Without [Imp-losion] or [Haunted Creeper] you can’t play it seemingly out of nowhere. Without its battlecry it is mostly deadweight except when you need 4th minion to activate Gormok’s battlecry.

[Voidwalker] × 2

  • Good against early aggression, because it can trade with 1/1 and 2/1 creatures without dying and can be buffed to trade with more durable minions in your favour.

[Abusive Sergeant] × 2

  • As I mentioned before this deck is most powerful when you are able to trade on your own terms and that is Sergeant’s main role in this deck. Also cheap 2 extra damage sometimes help you find lethal.

[Argent Squire] × 2

  • Divine shield combined with many buffs available in the deck allows to trade 2 for 1 in many situations. 1/1 body is too small to remove individually, and you can use it to your advantage.

[Dark Peddler] × 2

  • This is where versatility comes to the deck. Warlock has many strong 1 mana class cards, which makes results of this in-game deckbuilding all the more powerful.

[Dire Wolf Alpha] × 2

  • Extra damage generated by this card allows to threaten control classes and spend resources trying to slow you down.

[Knife Juggler] × 2

  • Main function of Knife Juggler here is to draw attention to himself. Any damage from juggles should be regarded as bonus.

[Murloc Tidehunter] × 1

  • Flooding the board is one of the ways to achieve victory, when you can take advantage of playing [Reliquary Seeker], [Gormok the Impaler] or [Sea Giant]. Also disposable bodies are perfect for trading.

[Imp Gang Boss] × 2

  • Sticky minions are core of this deck. Ability makes it a tricky task to get rid of Gang Boss without leaving any Imps on board.

[Harvest Golem] × 2

  • Basically same role as [Imp Gang Boss]. Should be played slightly different due to the nature of its ability.

[Brann Bronzebeard] × 1

  • This card have to generate value for you. Look to play [Defender of Argus], [Dark Peddler], [Abusive Sergeant] or [Reliquary Seeker] on the same turn.

[Dark Iron Dwarf] × 2

  • Same battlecry as [Abusive Sergeant] but with 4/4 body to sustain board presence.

[Defender of Argus] × 2

  • His buffs are effective way to force favourable trades and wreck any plans to wipe the board.

[Gormok the Impaler] × 1

  • Mediocre 4 drop when played without a battlecry, OP when battlecry conditions met. Don’t play it as just 4/4 unless you are desperate to have something on your side of a board.

[Sea Giant] × 2

  • Unanswered Sea Giant is almost always a guaranteed win. Make it as cheap as possible, then let your opponent decide what is his top priority: full board of smaller creatures or this one Giant. It is a rarity to have enough resources to deal with both at the same time.
Spells - 1 +

[Power Overwhelming] × 1

  • Main use of this spell is to help you get through heavy taunts like [Druid of the Claw] sacrificing only one of your minions. Also it is extra 4 damage to finish off your opponent.

Card Replacements

  • [Gormok the Impaler] : [Doomguard] or [Soulfire] generate good value if you can avoid triggering their discard mechanic.
  • [Sea Giant]: [Frostwolf Warlord] is somewhat similar, but much harder to put on board right.
  • [Dark Peddler]: No decent replacement possible.

Tech Decisions

vs Aggro

  • -1  [Flame Imp] +1 [Mortal Coil]

vs Control

  • -1  [Murlock Tidehunter] +1 [Ironbeak Owl]

Mulligan Guide

First rule of the mulligan for this deck is having something to play on Turn 1. You don’t want [Flame Imp] to be your only option against aggro decks and it’s better to avoid playing [Abusive Sergeant] on an empty board. [Reliquary Seeker] is also not a first turn play, so don’t keep it in your hand.

Among 2 mana drops [Dark Peddler] stands out because it can significantly improve your mana curve and can be played anytime, while [Dire Wolf Alpha] and [Knife Juggler] have to be protected to generate value for you. Keep them instead if you’re planning to pressure opponent heavily right from the start.

Keep 3 mana drops, except for Brann, when you already have plays for Turns 1 and 2 availiable.

Keep [Sea Giants] against Paladin, Shaman, Hunter, Warlock. They will help you outrace more aggressively built decks. Also consider keeping [Defender of Argus] against same classes when you have the [Coin], if earlier drops are in place.

vs Aggro Decks: [Argent Squire] and [Voidwalker] can trade 2 for one, so they are your best choice to start with. [Dark Peddler] can provide you with more useful cards from another [Voidwalker] to [Mortal Coil] or even [Bloodsail Corsair]. Most aggro decks have no way to handle [Sea Giant] and it can singlehandedly win you games if played early enough. Going first never keep [Defender of Argus], you will lose the game before you have the chance to play him right, however it can fit in 1-2-3-4 scheme if you’re going second.

vs Mid-range and Control Decks: In this matchups the most important thing is to keep anti-AOE board composition. For example, [Harvest Golem] is essential against [Brawl]. Also, because this edition of the deck doesn’t have silence in it consider keeping [Power Overwhelming] in your starting hand to deal with heavier taunts.

RATING: [rating-system-posts]

Difficulty: Easy
Crafting Cost:
3280 icon-dust
29 Minions  - 1 Spell

Warlock Cards (10)
Power Overwhelming × 1
Flame Imp × 2
Reliquary Seeker × 2
Voidwalker × 2
Dark Peddler × 2
Imp Gang Boss × 2

Neutral Cards (20)
Abusive Sergeant × 2
Argent Squire × 2
Flame Juggler × 2
Knife Juggler × 2
Murloc Tidehunter × 1
Brann Bronzebeard × 1
Harvest Golem × 2
Razorfen Hunter × 2
Dark Iron Dwarf × 2
Defender of Argus × 2
Gormok the Impaler × 1
Sea Giant × 2

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