Classic Priest

Deck Playstyle

The classic Priest Deck is a beginner’s deck for everyone who would love to venture the world of Hearthstone as a Priest. Priest cards use the power of the light to boost minions health and make them endure fights, draw cards, gain control of enemy minions and smash big opponents.

The deck empowers the idea of board control, controlling the board by the help of cards such as [Wild Pyromancer], [Holy Nova] and gaining control over enemy minions or cards with the help of [Thoughtsteal], [Cabal Shadow Priest], [Sylvanas Windrunner], [Mind Control] . This shortens the opponents arsenal and exhausts it to the bitter end. The deck is fun to play, easy to synergy and it doesn’t cost a lot to build.

That’s why it’s a must try for any level of player.

In the next steps we will try to better explain the approach on the deck gameplay and the basic strategy, what to mulligan and how to synergy cards for greater effect.


  1. Reach Level 10 to unlock all of the Basic cards for this class.
  2. Have 2960 Dust for crafting cards.

Card Explanations

Minions - 19 +

[Northshire Cleric] × 2

  • The purpose of this card is to synergy your healing with damaged minions to draw cards. Use it most of the time when you have a damaged minion on the board, or simply play it and buff it with [Power Word: Shield]. Avoid playing it by itself on turn 1 or turn 2 unless casting [Power Word: Shield] on it. Your opponents know its potential and will do anything to stop you from drawing more cards.

[Wild Pyromancer]× 2

  • This is probably one of the best card in the deck. It’s an aggro’s deck nightmare. It has such a good synergy with [Power Word: Shield], [Holy Nova] and almost any other spell. You can deal 2 damage on all enemy minions on turn 2 if you are lucky to have the coin.
    Play the [Wild Pyromancer], play the coin and he deals 1 damage to all the minions on the board, then play [Power Word: Shield] to deal another 1 damage to all enemy minions. It is simply amazing.

[Earthen Ring Farseer] x 2

  • This is a 3 mana cost minion with 3 Attack, 3 Health and a battlecry ability that heals 3 damage from a single target minion or Hero. It’s simply amazing. However, it’s also a good synergy with [Auchenai Soulpriest],turning the healing synergy to deal 3 damage instead. It’s a versatile card as [Circle of Healing], with the potential to both heal or deal damage while making a presence on the board. Simply said a lovely card.

[Injured Blademaster] × 2

  • A great card to have if you manage to heal it up. It has 3 mana cost and possible turn 3 combo for 4/7 minion when combined with [Circle of Healing] it becomes a very powerful minion on the board. Its very hard to counter with spells and the 7 health gives him the chance to endure good amount of damage.

[Auchenai Soulpriest] × 2

  • This is the most important card in your deck. It turns all healing spells in to damage. Use [Circle of Healing] to clear the board from your enemy minions. Always think ahead before playing this card. If both of [Auchenai Soulpriest] get killed you will be left with limited options for board clearing. That’s why its not wise to play them unless there is a good reason to do so. Always keep at least one till the end, if it’s possible.

[Chillwind Yeti] × 2

  • Nice minion with 4 attack and 5 health ( 4/5 ). It’s a great minion for the amount of mana you spend. It gives a nice presence and sometimes advantage on the board. Its great againt low cost and some midrange minions. The downside of it is the lack of an ability or synergy. That means that once you play it, it can either kill other minions or deal damage to your opponent. That on the other hand makes it obsolete in mid or late game with a small potential of trying to save it in most situations.

[Sen'jin Shieldmasta]× 2

  • Now this is a card that you need to take very seriously. At first glance it looks like it has nothing to offer, but the 4 mana cost for 3/5 minion with taunt is pretty good. It can stop aggro decks from overwhelming the board and the good part is you can always heal him or buff his health with the [Power Word: Shield]. That gives you the time to place some minions on the board and turn the tides of the war.

[Lightspawn] x 1

  • This is a minion that only Priest decks have. Midrange minion, that can help you gain advantage on the board and even cause serious threats. Adding [Power Word: Shield] to it makes it a 7/7 and turns it in to a late game powered minion. Also good synergy with [Temple Enforcer] +3 hp battlecry which turn this minion to 8/8.
    However, his power can be a big disadvantage. Whenever it has been dealt damage to it, his power makes him downgrade his attack to match his health. That means that it can be pushed down to 1/1 and it will take some time to restore his power with healing. The other downside of it is Silence. Any spell or minions with silence ability will make this minion useless. That’s something that you always need to take in account.

[Cabal Shadow Priest] × 1

This card is all about gaining control of minions with 2 or less attack. It’s a solid 4/5 midgame minion and very useful when it comes to dealing with small minions. The best use of it vs key enemy minions such as :

  • Warrior – [Armorsmith],[Warsong Commander],[ Frothing Berserker]
  • Druid – [Darnassus Aspirant], [Keeper Of The Grove], [Grove Tender]
  • Hunter – [Leokk],[Webspinner], [Steamwheedle Sniper],[Desert Camel], [Tundra Rhino]
  • Mage – [Flamewaker] is the best minion you can steal from a mage and its worth it. Others are [Snowchugger],[Mana Wyrm]
  • Paladin – [Shielded Minibot],[Argent Protector], [Warhorse Trainer],[Quartermaster]
  • Rogue – [Buccaneer], [Pit Snake], [Cutpurse],[ Defias Ringleader], [Iron Sensei]
  • Shaman – [Tunnel Trogg],[Flametongue Totem],[Mana Tide Totem],[Unbound Elemental], [Rumbling Elemental]
  • Warlock – [Voidwalker],[Mistress of Pain]
  • Warrior – [Armorsmith],[Warsong Commander],[ Frothing Berserker]
  • And Neutral Minions such as: [Bloodmage Thalnos],[Haunted Creeper],[Loot Hoarder], [Acolyte of Pain]. There are many more but this is a list of the most important that can cripple your opponent

[Sylvanas Windrunner] × 1

  • The only legendary card in the deck with a deathrattle ability that takes control of a random enemy minion. Amazing card to have with a good attack and health ( 5/5 ). Very good to synergy with [Shadow Word: Death]. That way you can steal an enemy minion, specially when we are facing a single overpowered late game minion such as [Ragnaros The Firelord], [Ysera], [Alexstrasza],[Grommash Hellscream] and many more. Very powerful card to have. Note: Don’t play this minion when the board is empty and you don’t have anything else better to play. This deck lacks late game minions. Playing it on an empty board will only resolve or being silenced or worst – killed. That way the deathrattle effect will be triggered without giving you any benefit.

[Temple Enforcer] × 2

  • This is a good example of a minion that can boost the hp of other minions. It can boost the endurance of minions by adding 3 additional hp points to their health. On the other hand adds a 6 attack and 6 health ( 6/6 ) powerful minion on the board, that gives you a better minion presence on it. This minion has no specific disadvantages and can be played whenever you can and/or have a minion on the board.
Spells - 11 +

[Circle of Healing] × 2

  • This is probably the most versatile card in the game. It can be used in a [Northshire Cleric] and [Injured Blademaster] synergy to heal your minions and draw cards, or with [Auchenai Soulpriest] to clear the board from enemy minions.

[Power Word: Shield] × 2

  • This is good card to make your minions endure any threats and drawing a card. It helps your [Northshire Cleric] to survive some weapons, spells as 3 attack minions. It’s a very good thing to add to your [Wild Pyromancer] and [Sen'jin Shieldmasta]. The best synergy you can get is with [Wild Pyromancer]. Buffing this minion will make it stronger and at the same time clear the board from enemy minions.

[Shadow Word: Death] × 2

  • This is a pure minion removal spell. It simply intended to deal with any minion with +5 Attack and up. But don’t use it on minions that you can deal with. Try to save it for Late Game minions with devastating abilities.

[Thoughtsteal] × 1

  • It is a spell that gives you great options. It is a better then drawing cards. Giving you the option to play against your opponent with his own medicine is very frustrating for him. However, this is not a card that you want to have at the begging. Its something very nice to have mid or late game when your options are drawn out. Always play a minion to have a presence on the board, then [Thoughtsteal] and enjoy the stolen cards from your opponent.

[Holy Nova] × 2

  • This is a great thing to have. It clears the board and heals you and your minions. When playing this card after turn 7, it’s good to synergy it with [Wild Pyromancer] for a bigger effect.Keep in mind when playing it with [Auchenai Soulpriest] it can backfire and deal damage to you..

[Mind Control] × 1

  • This card has value of 2 cards as it will 1. remove an opponent minion then gain a minion for your board. Using more than 1 × Mind Control is very greedy and often a big disavantage to have 2 in your deck.

    It’s a very good card to use on late game minions such as [Ragnaros The Firelord], [Ysera], [Alexstrasza],[Grommash Hellscream]. A very good play is to use it on minions with taunt. That way you can shield yourself from aggressive attacks and gain time to place more minions on the board or clear it. As we said use it on powerful midgame or late game enemy minions.

    The downside of this card is the 10 mana cost. Often in time powerful enemy minions can enter play on turn 7 or 8. This means that you have a big disadvantage if you don’t have means or resources to counter big enemy minions until you have 10 mana.

Card Replacements

[Sylvanas Windrunner] – this is probably the only card that you can replace. Since this is a budget deck, you can afford to craft all cards. In case you don’t have [Sylvanas Windrunner] then there are couple of things you can do to replace it.

  • [Shadow Madness] is a cheap replacement for [Sylvanas Windrunner]. You can still gain control of an enemy minion but temporarily. It has a good 4 mana cost and can be synergised with [Wild Pyromancer] for a more damaging effect. Try to use this spell on deathratle minions to either spawn a minion or trigger an effect in your favour.
  • [Faceless Manipulator] is another good option for [Sylvanas Windrunner]. Becoming a copy of a powerful minion is a very good play in times when you need to fight your opponent with his own medicine.
  • [Loatheb], [Ragnaros The Firelord] and [Ysera] are a good replacement for [Sylvanas Windrunner]. However, [Ysera] is the best choice. It card is very card to counter because of its high 12 health. In a addition to that you draw one of this Dream Cards every turn: [Dream], [Nightmare], [Ysera Awakens],[ Laughing Sister],[Emerald Drake]. Free powerful minions and spells are more then welcome in any game. That’s why I think [Ysera] is must have card in any case.

If you are really limited with dust, then I suggest using another [Mind Control]. If in case your opponent plays [Sylvanas Windrunner], then you can steal it from him. At the end you will still get the desired card.

Tech Decisions

Mulligan Guide

vs Aggro Decks
[Northshire Cleric]

It’s not the greatest card to play vs aggro but this deck is limited in this point view. Making sure you have [Power Word: Shield] to play on [Northshire Cleric] is a good call. That way you draw a card and make it harder to eliminate on next turn. That on the other hand gives more opportunity to draw more cards.
[Wild Pyromancer]

This is the most amazing card to have in your hand against almost any class. However, think twice how and when you play it. There are couple of ways how you can play this card great and all depends on your mana count. You have to use [Wild Pyromancer] as a minion that can clear the board. Think something like [Explosive Sheep] or [Doomsayer].

Turn 2

-If you have the coin and [Power Word: Shield] you can deal 2 damage to all minions on the board.

From Turn 5 and up you will have a bigger versatility against your opponent. You will have more mana and more spells to cast. This on the other hand removes bigger and multiple minions from the board at the same time.

Always remember that spells aid in clearing the board . But in order to cast more spells you need to keep the [Wild Pyromancer] alive, and the best way to do that is by buffing him with one or two [Power Word: Shield]’s.

vs Midrange deck

Having an [Injured Blademaster] and [Circle of Healing] is a good call. Later on as game progresses [Chillwind Yeti] is the better choice of play. It keeps you in a good spot with a minion that has some attack power.
[Sen'jin Shieldmasta] is a great minion to have on the board but try to use when its really necessary.
[Lightspawn] is probably the best choice of all. Its relatively cheap for the result u get. This makes the card very valuable. Don’t over buff it with [Power Word: Shield] because it can be silenced very easily.

vs Control decks

If you are dealing against very powerful late game minions, these are some of the options you have in order to deal with them:

Always have [Shadow Word: Death] in hand. Since you don’t have any big and might minions, the best thing to is clear all enemy minions by keeping yours alive. [Shadow Word: Death] is best card for that.

In case you are dealing with minions like [Ysera] and [Malygos] (meaning you are dealing with minions that cant be targeted with [Shadow Word: Death] because they have less then 5 attack ), then you can cast [Shadow Word: Death] on your own [Sylvanas Windrunner] and gain control of that specific minion. This will turn your move in to a big advantage.

If you dealing with a lot of minions, then the best move you have is [Auchenai Soulpriest] and [Circle of Healing]. You can even use 2 [Circle of Healing]’s to deal with minions with 5 and above health.

This deck is pretty fun to play. It has some nice minion removal synergy that can stop aggro decks from gaining speed. The deck also has nice midrange minions that can do damage and board control. Gaining control of enemy minions is your biggest strength so take advantage of it.

RATING: [rating-system-posts]

Difficulty: Easy
Crafting Cost:
2960 icon-dust
19 Minions - 11 Spells

Priest Cards (19)
Circle of Healing × 2
Power Word: Shield × 2
Northshire Cleric × 2
Shadow Word: Death × 2
Thoughtsteal × 2
Auchenai Soulpriest × 2
Lightspawn × 1
Holy Nova × 2
Cabal Shadow Priest × 1
Temple Enforcer × 2
Mind Control × 1

Neutral Cards (11)
Wild Pyromancer × 2
Earthen Ring Farseer × 2
Injured Blademaster × 2
Chillwind Yeti × 2
Sen'jin Shieldmasta × 2
Sylvanas Windrunner × 1

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