Freeze Mage

Deck Playstyle

Freeze Mage operates just as the name suggests, by using every freeze spell Mage has to offer. [Frost Nova], [Cone of Cold], [Ice Barrier], [Ice Block], [Blizzard], etc - each card contributes to stalling the game, holding any size board at bay while cycling through as many cards as possible in order to find [Alexstrasza]. Once you find Alex you typically want to knock your opponent down to 15 and finish your opponent off with burn spells. While this may seem very linear, but difficult to execute, the deck is actually quite versatile. The deck has enough burn that in some match-ups you don't actually need [Alexstrasza], while maintaining enough stall enablers that you can buy yourself several turns against slower decks.


  1. Reach Level 10 to unlock all of the Basic cards for this class.
  2. Complete the Naxxramas, Blackrock Mountain, and League of Explorers expansions.
  3. Have 1120 Dust for crafting cards.

Card Explanations

Card Replacements

  • [Alexstrasza] : sorry there is no replacement for this card.
  • [Archmage Antonidas] : another Freeze spell or [Explosive Sheep]
  • [Bloodmage Thalnos] : as someone who has played 2000+ games with freeze mage, I strongly recommend you play a 2nd [Loot Hoarder] or a 5th freeze spell like [Cone of Cold]. These cards have high impact. Lots of people seem to recommend [Kobold Geomancer], however kobold is not very flexible, so I don't recommend it.
  • You can run [Archmage Antonidas]  or [Pyroblast] or both.If u don't own pyroblast run archmage. If you don't own archmage run 1 copy of pyroblast. If you have neither then I would suggest another deck.

Tech Decisions

Versus Aggro

  • -1  [Pyroblast]
  • +1  [Explosive Sheep]

Versus Control

  • -1  [Novice Engineer]
  • +1  [Malygos]

Mulligan Guide

Mulligan is really important in Freeze Mage. You dont want any secrets, [Alexstrasza] or [Archmage Antonidas] in your opening hand. The one card that is a 100% keep all the time is [Mad Scientist], [Loot Hoarder] and [Acolyte of Pain].

In general you should :  draw or contest board > healing, unless you're close to death. For example: if you have the choice between [Arcane Intellect] or [Ice Barrier] on turn 3, play [Arcane Intellect].

Vs Aggro Decks: you want a defensive card like [Frostbolt] or [Doomsayer]. Then ideally 2 draw minions such as [Mad Scientist] or [Loot Hoarder], to fight there 2 drop. Turn 5 is massive vs zoo, typically you want to [Frost Nova],  [Doomsayer]. This allows a turn 6 clean board to play your secret's, acolyte or [Emperor Thaurissan], puttting tempo back on your side.

Playing [Ice Barrier] early vs Face Hunter is key. If you get it late game it has almost zero value, as hunter can just [Kill Command] and hero power without triggering it.

Key play: If an suspected aggro deck, I would recommend coining mad scientist to contest their 1 drop or 2 drop . If a deck play a turn 1 [Leper Gnome] [The Coin] ping is a fine play.

Vs Midrange Decks : Keep 2 cost draw minions like [Mad Scientist], [Loot Hoarder], [Bloodmage Thalnos]. [Arcane Intellect] and [Acolyte of Pain] are also great here. Draw early so u can optimize later plays. Freeze spell get the best value later in the game, were as draw spells get weaker late game.

Vs Druids : Druid is a very hard match up because keepers will silence [Doomsayer] and the combo burst you down. The best strategy  is to play minions on turn 2 and [Acolyte of Pain]on turn 3 (even if it only gets 1 draw). You want to make the druid hero power instead of innervating big minions and ramping.  Also you need ping down the armor in turns 6,7 and 8. Keep [Frostbolt] as it contests [Darnassus Aspirant]

Consider keeping [Acolyte of Pain] till five mana against slow decks . With a ping  you can guarantee at least 2 draws from him.

RATING: [rating-system-posts]

Difficulty: Hard
Crafting Cost:
7320 icon-dust
12 Minions - 18 Spells

Mage Cards (19)
Ice Lance × 2
Frostbolt × 2
Arcane Intellect × 2
Frost Nova × 2
Ice Barrier × 2
Ice Block × 2
Fireball × 2
Blizzard × 2
Flamestrike × 1
Archmage Antonidas × 1
Pyroblast × 1

Neutral Cards (11)
Bloodmage Thalnos × 1
Doomsayer × 2
Loot Hoarder × 1
Mad Scientist × 2
Acolyte of Pain × 2
Antique Healbot × 1
Emperor Thaurissan × 1
Alexstrasza × 1

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