Deck Playstyle

Deathtrap Hunter deck is the deck that crashes it’s opponents with a big amount of spells, [Eaglehorn Bow] buffed by traps and solid creatures.

Set traps to protect yourself and keep the board control, while landing cost effective creatures. End the game with some of your bigger threats.


  1. Reach Level 10 to unlock all of the Basic cards for this class
  2. Complete The Blackrock Mountain 1st wing
  3. 5180 Dust

Card Explanations

Minions - 8 +

[Wild Pyromancer] ×2

  • In the deck that uses 20 spells [Wild Pyromancer] feels itself pretty comfortable. It help you to clean the board in aggro matchups. In combination with [Hunter's Mark] it can get rid of any creature (In case that creature has divine shield on it you will need to break the shield first)

[Azure Drake] ×2

  • Azure drake is a great card, that gives you card advantage while increasing your spell damage. In addition to it’s abilities 4-4 body for 5 mana sounds pretty good.

[Savannah Highmane] ×2

  • Savannah Highmane is one of the most powerful 6 drops in the game. Great body, hard to deal with, great deathrattle. While controlling the board with traps and other spells it becomes a solid finisher

[Ragnaros the Firelord] ×1

  • Ragnaros the Firelord is a powerful finisher. After controlling the board the your spells you may use [Ragnaros the Firelord] to finish the game. You have many ways to clean the board, that means that Ragnaros the Firelord will most likely hit the targets needed. It also can bypass taunts with it’s 8 damage ability.

[Alexstrasza] ×1

  • Alexstrasza is a great end game card. Most likely you will chose your opponent as a target, still in some situations it can simply save your hero from being killed with an opportunity to strike back for 8 next turn.
Spells - 22 +

[Hunter's Mark] ×2

  • Hunter’s Mark is an efficient way to deal with huge and annoying threats. Comboes extremely well with [Wild Pyromancer], [Unleash the Hounds], [Explosive Trap], [Arcane Shot], [Powershot]

[Arcane Shot] ×2

  • Arcane Shot is a cheap way to deal with early threats. Also can be used to finish your opponent. When used with the [Hunter’s Mark] can help you to get rid of big threats.

[Tracking] ×2

  • Tracking is the card that help you to adapt to the situation on the board, find the spell to finish your opponent or find to find the key card of the deck - [Eaglehorn Bow]

[Bear Trap] ×2

  • Good defensive trap, that’s almost always a keep card. Preferably to land it on turn 1 or 2 to get rid of the opponent 1-2 drops or just take the advantage to the board.

[Explosive Trap] ×1

  • Great trap. Mostly used to stop early aggression. As we have lots of answer to the aggro type matchups used as ×1 in the deck.

[Freezing Trap] ×2

  • Excellent trap in the midrange, control matchups. A bit weak vs aggro decks. Try to land it in the gaps between clearing the board and placing some poweкful threat such as [Savannah Highmane] or [Ragnaros the Firelord]

[Lock and Load] ×2

  • That’s the draw engine of the deck. It helps us to keep decent amount of cards in our hand while casting cheap spells.

[Quick Shot] ×2

  • Good answer to the early aggression + pretty useful in the end game due to it’s draw ability.

[Animal Companion] ×2

  • A really powerful spell that summons the random, but powerful beast.
    You may get one of 3 beasts listed below :[Misha], [Huffer] or [Leokk]
    The drawback of this card is that you do not know what beast exactly you will summon. You may be pretty upset when summoning 2-4 [Leokk] while you need a 4-4 [Misha] taunt, or when you summon [Misha] in a situation when 4-2 hasty [Huffer] is needed to finish your opponent.

[Powershot] ×1

  • Powershot helps us to deal with the early aggression. As we have lot’s of anti-aggro spells it’s ×1 in the deck

[Unleash the Hounds] ×2

  • Insanely powerful in aggro and midrange matchups, works well with [Hunter’s Mark], still  that’s not the card you want to keep in control matchups.

Card Replacements

  • Creatures in this deck are not replaceable. This deck runs 8 creatures chosen on purpose.
  • The only possible tweak is [Azure Drake] ×2 vs [Stranglethorn Tiger] ×2 , still that’s highly recommended to run [Azure Drake] ×2
  • You may change [Lock and Load] ×2 for [King's Elekk] ×2 as your creatures are mostly  having high mana cost, that will generate some sort of card advantage.
  • Traps.  You may always tweak your traps list depending on the meta.

Tech Decisions

vs Aggro

  • -1 [Freezing Trap] +1 [Explosive Trap]
  • -1 [Freezing Trap] +1 [Dreadscale]

vs Midrange

  • -1 [Powershot] +1 [Sylvanas Windrunner] or [The Black Knight]

vs Control

  • -1 [Explosive Trap] +1 [Sylvanas Windrunner]
  • -1 [Arcane Shot] +1 [Piloted Sky Golem]
  • -1 [Powershot] +1 [The Black Knight]
  • -1 [Unleash the Hounds] +1 [Sylvanas Windrunner]

Mulligan Guide


  • [Hunter's Mark], [Tracking],[Bear Trap], [Freezing Trap], [Eaglehorn Bow], [Animal Companion], [Wild Pyromancer]


  • [Arcane Shot], [Powershot], [Tracking], [Bear Trap], [Explosive Trap], [Eaglehorn Bow], [Animal Companion], [Wild Pyromancer]


  • [Arcane Shot], [Powershot], [Tracking], [Bear Trap], [Eaglehorn Bow], [Animal Companion], [Wild Pyromancer], [Quick Shot]


  • [Arcane Shot], [Powershot], [Tracking], [Bear Trap], [Explosive Trap], [Eaglehorn Bow], [Wild Pyromancer], [Unleash the Hounds]


  • [Hunter's Mark], [Tracking], [Bear Trap], [Freezing Trap], [Eaglehorn Bow], [Animal Companion], [Wild Pyromancer], [Quick Shot]


  • [Tracking] ×2, [Bear Trap] ×2, [Eaglehorn Bow] ×2, [Wild Pyromancer] ×2, [Quick Shot] ×2


  • [Hunter's Mark] ×2, [Arcane Shot] ×2, [Powershot] ×1, [Tracking] ×2, [Bear Trap] ×2, [Explosive Trap] ×1, [Eaglehorn Bow] ×2, [Wild Pyromancer] ×2, [Quick Shot], [Unleash the Hounds]


  • [Arcane Shot], [Powershot], [Tracking], [Bear Trap], [Explosive Trap], [Eaglehorn Bow], [Animal Companion], [Wild Pyromancer]


  • [Hunter's Mark] ×2, [Tracking] ×2, [Bear Trap] ×2, [Freezing Trap] ×2, [Eaglehorn Bow] ×2, [Animal Companion] ×2, [Wild Pyromancer] ×2
RATING: [rating-system-posts]

Difficulty: Hard
Crafting Cost:
5180 icon-dust
8 Minions - 22 Spells

Hunter Cards (24)
Hunter's Mark × 2
Arcane Shot × 2
Tracking × 2
Bear Trap × 2
Explosive Trap × 1
Freezing Trap × 2
Lock and Load × 2
Quick Shot × 2
Eaglehorn Bow × 2
Animal Companion × 2
Powershot × 1
Unleash the Hounds × 2
Savannah Highmane × 2

Neutral Cards (6)
Wild Pyromancer × 2
Azure Drake × 2
Ragnaros the Firelord × 1
Alexstrasza × 1

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