We are in a new season! March 2016, or Season 24 is underway, which usually means a flood of aggro decks as everyone races toward Legend. Unfortunately the meta is very stable right now, most people don't want to play a deck outside of the top ten because past that you are risking running into enough bad match-ups that your climb would be inefficient. Sure the devout Warlock player will opt to run Zoo over Reno for a week or two, and some will switch over to Aggro Shaman for those who prefer a sprint over a marathon, but once those players reach legend they will settle right back into the usual.

The most significant change in the meta, which is worth commenting on, is Patron Warrior's rise up to rank 2, surpassing Secret Paladin! Many people might be wondering why, I mean it isn't the Patron Warrior of old that destroyed every deck in the meta, how can it be back in the top half of tier 1? The answer is due to a couple significant factors, the first being tournaments. I know, we don't rank tournament decks or take tournament performance into account when we rank the ladder decks, but players do. The simple fact is that tournament performances do influence what does and doesn't get played on ladder, because fans see cool plays in tournament and want to try it out for themselves, which leads more Patrons to ladder.

Meta Snapshot #50


• Mid-Range Druid
• Patron Warrior
• Secret Paladin
• Zoolock


• Freeze Mage
• Tempo Mage
• Control Warrior
• Aggro Shaman
• Renolock
• Control Priest
• Aggro Druid
• Murloc Paladin


• Malygos Rogue
• Face Hunter
• Mid-Range Hunter
• Oil Rogue
• Dragon Priest
• Mid-Range Paladin
• Handlock
• Aggro Paladin

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